South East Asia’s leading Manufacturer of Waterproof Pouches

Supplying Snorkeling/Dive Operators, Resorts & Retail outlets with our exceptional high quality Waterproof Pouches. Browse our range of Waterproof Pouches designed for I/Phones MP3 Players Smart Phones, I/Pads most Tablet computers, match with Dri-Dock Waterproof headphones for perfect crisp music to your ears in any environment.

Our range of Waterproof Pouches for compact cameras, designed to take perfect underwater photos, which can double as a multi-purpose waterproof pouch to keep Passport, Car keys, Money etc. completely dry, ideal for customers on a vacation or partaking in any outdoor activity where water, dust or sand might be an issue

Dri-Dock Waterproof Pouches are IPX8 certified guaranteed depth rated to 10m (30ft). All recommended gadgets are fully functional whilst inside a Dri-Dock Pouch. If your business is water borne, outdoor activities, Resort or Beach based please feel free to contact us for our competitive prices which will allow your business to grow.