New: WP-09 & WP-10

Perfect fit and protection for the iPhone 6 & 6plus!


I am thrilled to announce the new changes and improvements to our "top selling" pouches, the WP-09 & WP-10.

The current WP-09 has been modified in both, length & width, to acomodate the new iPhone 6!  The color stripe has also been reduced on the bottom of the pouch 5mm, so as to acomodate the camera in the clear window.  This now "modified pouch" has the ability to comfortably accomodate the Samsung's Galaxy series 4,5, & 6!  The earphone jack his now hermetically welded on back side of the pouch, also a great improvement in kepping this jack fixed and not "dangling" in front of the phones camera, while also eliminating tangles and wire stress while ussing the earphones durring your sporting activities!

The current WP-10 is now tailored fitted for the iPhone 6 plus, with again the reduction of the color stripe and the improved positioning of the jack welded on the back.  This pouch also accomodates the larger smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy 6 curved, and the Samsung Note!

We've also taken noticed that the iPads and other tablets are being built a lot thinner and lighter than before, so we have modified our Tablet pouch to accomodate these changes.  The new iPad Air/Tablet pouch is now our WP-17, which supersedes the WP-14 (now discontinued) and comes in blue and yellow only.

Keep checking up on us, as I am looking to add a few new products to our fine line of waterproof accessories to allow us to continue to take advantage of our technology in extreem water sports and activities, safely while still making it fun!