The Ultimate WaterProof Pouch

100% WaterProof pouches for iPhones with waterproof earphones!

Hi, I am Ken Sein and am the proud owner of Dry Tech Solutions, distributing Dri-Dock products in the US and Caribbean.

I grew up surfing in San Juan, P.R., and my wife, daughter and I would be considered "water people" as we are avid divers, surfers, stand-up paddlers, and enjoy fishing and boating and...I guess you get the picture.  Everything ocean related!  Since modern technology set in, and our phones got smarter, computers got smaller, it was always a challenge on how I could take my music to the water.  Also, marine photography became expensive with the housings specific to the camera, to then the camera becoming obsolete!

Well, last year on my trip to Bali, I found the "ultimate waterproof phone pouch"!  I had already  bought and gone thru a plethora of cheap chinesse pouches that basicly were just "splash proof" and fell apart very quick. (reason for the "plethora" of cases I accumulated)  I then was introduced to Dri-Dock 100% WaterProof pouches!!!

Before I decided to become a distributor, I reaserched the product thoroughly and everything else that was available in the market.  And I came to the conclusion that yes, I have finally found the "Ultimate" waterproof pouch!  And the price is not bad either!!!